Flexible Healthcare Solutions Meet Sustainability with the team at Health Carousel

In 2021, Health Carousel was recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the fastest growing firms in the United States – for the fifth year in a row. Since its inception in 2004, Health Carousel has been focused on supply healthcare workforce solutions to the organizations that require them by connecting advanced professionals with the roles that they can fill.

During the onset of the pandemic and its corresponding fallout, finding reputable medical care became much more difficult as healthcare workers were understaffed and overwhelmed. Worker shortages in healthcare have only been exacerbated in the intervening years since, causing Health Carousel to focus on sustainable employment initiatives.

Through its efforts, the Cincinnati-based company has worked alongside more than 600 employees and 3,000 healthcare providers to service north of 8.8 million total patients. Priding themselves on being a “total talent management company”, Health Carousel has been dispatching its network of qualified and highly credentialed nurses, alongside other allied professionals, to wherever they are needed.

Introducing Health Carousel Travel Nursing

To meet the needs of an increasingly strained and exhausted global workforce, Health Carousel Travel Nursing seeks to offer facilities in the healthcare field the top travel nursing positions available. Working with an internal network of highly skilled and credentialed nurses, Health Carousel Travel Nursing offers support for recruiting and credentialing as well as travel and housing while helping nurses to relocate to areas where they can best be of service. Healthcare professionals can work directly with a qualified recruiter at Health Carousel Travel Nursing should they require the additional support.

Alongside Health Carousel Travel Nursing, Health Carousel International seeks to open doors for professionals looking to expand on their opportunities in the healthcare realm. One of the most important aspects of Health Carousel’s international efforts is the signature program they operate, known as PassportUSA. This international recruitment service works to connect global healthcare systems with the professionals they need for an interview. The constantly growing sustainable pool of registered nurses and medical professionals features talent with an average of at least eight years of industry experience, something that far exceeds the industry standards of practice in the United States.

In other international efforts, Health Carousel Philippines was able to deploy an initiative that led to the 2021 NLE Masterclass Training, leading to more than 20,000 new entrants into the nursing profession that had otherwise been backed up or postponed. Thanks to the success of this program, the Philippines organization is working to develop an online training program sponsored by DAISY – Diseases Attacking the Immune System. With a more convenient and accessible online training curriculum, some of the stress exacerbated by remote work and the pandemic can potentially be lessened.

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