What Botox Treatments Do for Your Skin

Have you ever had a Botox treatment before? If not, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. After all, Botox has been a popular treatment since the 1980’s and has not fallen out of favor for more than 3 decades. For a treatment to last that long, it must work well!

But whether you’ve had Botox treatments in the past or not, you may be unaware of the many benefits the injections offer to patients with all different needs.

Botox Cosmetic Application 

In the broadest sense: Botox can help to reduce wrinkles. The treatment is fast and extremely effective, enabling patients to enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin.

But Botox also helps to place less stress on the muscles that were causing the wrinkles in the first place. Botox reduces wrinkles by creating less tightness in the underlying muscles.

Botox is made up of an isolated protein from the Botulinum toxin that creates a local, temporary relaxation of muscles that have been stiff and tight for a long time. The treatment can be applied nearly anywhere a person has wrinkles such as the face, neck, and forehead.

Botox Therapeutic Application 

Unless you or a family member has had experience with a neurologic or musculoskeletal condition such as cerebral palsy, TMJ, or tension headaches, you are probably unaware of the therapeutic benefits of Botox.

Because Botox relaxes tight muscles, patients who are experiencing severe pain due to their condition often enjoy significant relief through the use of Botox injections. Some patients who are having serious pain will even report almost complete resolution of their symptoms in a certain area after a Botox treatment.

However, the treatment does not work for every person or every condition. Additionally, the effects of Botox are temporary, and after a few months, the patient will likely need to receive more Botox injections.

Does Botox Hurt? 

Generally, Botox is almost completely painless for patients. Dermatologists are extremely skilled clinicians and can inject the substance after applying a soothing cream to the area, causing the patient almost no pain whatsoever.

Patients may experience some slight discomfort for a few hours or days after the treatment, but this will resolve with time.

Sometimes, patients will experience other side effects such as facial drooping and headaches. Luckily, these symptoms will also resolve on their own, given the appropriate amount of time.

It should be said, however, that patients can feel free to call their dermatologists if they experience any side effects at all after the treatment. It’s always good to keep on top of these things and make sure that what you’re feeling is normal.

Final Takeaway 

Botox is an effective and safe treatment that has been used to treat a variety of symptoms for decades. The injectable solution has been perfected over the years and is available at nearly every dermatologist’s office across the country.

If you are looking for a way to decrease your wrinkles, address the spasticity in your muscles, or treat another, similar condition, call your Botox dermatologist’s office today!

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